What to do if you need to get a lawyer as a college student?

Once I met a Professor from a reputed college who was handling a major subject. He was a very interesting personality and we started to meet frequently as our conversation lasted for more than 2 to 3 hours. Every time we shared our interesting experiences and he used to give such valid advises that I will never forget and it showed the depth of experience in him.

Once during the discussion about something legal, it ended in a different story shared by the professor. He started narrating the story of a lawyer who joined his class to do higher studies as now the education has become liberal to anybody in any course. He said that he was amazed to see a lawyer and also felt happy for him and wished him success for his studies.

But the expectations reversed as the nature of a lawyer dominated than the nature of a student. Generally lawyers tend to ask many questions that will not be even related to the requirements and also they will tend to argue for everything to make their point as the right thing as Myrtle Beach divorce lawyers do. The same happened with the lawyer student and the professor has started facing crucial times when he took classes for him.

The same continued for months and finally the professor decided to stop his arguments which disturbed the whole class. On the particular day, when the lawyer student started his controversial talk, the whole class started objecting his points saying that “Objection my professor” and the professor replied that his points will be the final point of conclusion and no one can object or argue after he passes the solution for the problem in the subject. On noticing the sudden changes in the classroom as a court, the lawyer student understood that he is not a lawyer here but a student. I was amazed on seeing the professor’s capacity of handling many students like the lawyer student.…

Updates On California Employment Laws 2017

In all states in the United States of America, it is important for both employees and employers to be well versed with the latest employment laws to keep abreast of the oppressive practices in the industry. Here are a few salient new regulations that you need to watch out for in California in the year 2017-

Expansion of the Equal Pay Act

The law has been updated to prohibit wage disparity between the sexes by relying on prior salary (AB 1676) and according to SB 1063, protection of beyond gender, wherein there should be no wage disparities with relation to race and gender.

Rights Concerning Domestic Violence

An employer has been prohibited from discriminating and retaliating against any employee who has been subjected to domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. The employer cannot take any action against the employee if he or she is taking time off from work to resolve any of these issues.

Minimum Wages and Minimum Salary Increase Laws

Californian laws have brought about a significant change in their laws on minimum wages. It has been decided that starting from Jan 2017 an employer must pay his employees a minimum wage of $10.50 per hour with a gradual rate increasing reaching $15 per hour in the year 2022.

The minimum salary for exempt employees has been capped at $840 per week that is $43,680 per year. This amount would reach to $62,400 per year in the year 2022.

Mandatory Retirement Savings

The employer has to ensure that all his employees are enrolled into a state-run Retirement Savings Program. It is his duty to also provide them the information about the same.

Gender- Neutral Bathrooms

From March 2017, the Californian law has made it compulsory to do away with gender discriminated restrooms and to make all bathrooms and restrooms as all gender and do away with the gender-based single- user bathrooms.


Extra Benefits for Agricultural Workers

The laws are in favor of providing meal and rest periods for agricultural workers and also providing them with overtime compensation benefits.

This is just a small capsule summary which intends to provide just a few details.…